Welcome to SC / ST Employees Welfare Associaton - BSNL

BSNL is the largest Telecom Service Provider in India having around 65000 SC / ST Employees executives and non executives. In the year 2007 according to the advice of hon'ble Parliamentary Committee on welfare of SC / ST, four Associations merged into single Association namely SC / ST Employees welfare Association of BSNL. First time in BSNL history the Recognition was accorded to the Association headed by Shri. T. Muthukrishnan as national president. The main aim of the association is not only to safeguard the interest of SC / ST employees but also common people.

We are pursuing the following issues of SC / ST employees with the BSNL Management.

  1. i)  To ensure reservation in promotion of executive and non executive SC / ST employees in       accordance with Art 16 (4) (A) of Indian Constitution (77th Amendment)
  2. ii)  Extend the facility of deducting the subscription from salary of all SC / ST employees ( executive       and non executive)
  3. iii)  To Fill up all backlog Vacancies in all cadres
  4. iv) To Apply relaxation standard and lessor evaluation in all Departmental / Competitive and       qualifying exams held for TM, TTA, Sr TOA, JTO, JAO, AO and SDE etc,
  5. v)   To implement 85th constitutional amendment for consequential seniority.
  6. vi)  To take stern action on Fake community Certificate issues.
  7. vii)  To conduct free training classes for appearing for departmental exams.
  8. viii) To allot fund for the welfare measures of SC / ST as per corporate social responsibility under SC        /  ST Sub plans.
  9. ix)  To depute SC / ST employees for attending seminar / conference in abroad.
  10. x)   To implement separate mechanism in posting and transfers of executive SC / ST officers.
  11. xi)   To grant scholarship from welfare fund to the children of SC / ST employees
  12. xii)  To grant financial assistance for celebrating Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's Birthday every year.
  13. xiii) To relax hard norms in compassionate appointments.
  14. xiv)  To abolish the CR entries system in NEPP upgradation. 

We are taking up the issues pertaining to common SC / ST people as follows :

  1. i)  We do appeal to Her Excellency President of India and Union Government to take initiative for     ensuring reservation for SC / ST in Private Sectors.
  2. ii) To increase the percentage of reservation according to the present dalit population
  3. iii)  To take action for distributing surplus lands to poor SC / ST People.
  4. iv) To enact special legislation to provide free compulsory education to SC / ST children upto college       level.
  5. v)  To remove income ceiling limit for SC / ST enables to get scholarship.
  6. vi)   To delegate autonomous power to National Commission for SC / ST at par with CBI.
  7. vii)  To declare April 14 Dr. Ambedkar's Birthday as National Holiday.
  8. viii) To setup special court in all Districts to hear the atrocities cases under Fast track method.
  9. ix)   To enact laws for unemployment pension to unemployed SC / ST graduates.
  10. x)   To take initiative to appoint SC / ST members as board of Directors in all PSUs including BSNL.
  11. xi)  To set up a commission exclusively for the upliftment of SC / STs who are living below poverty        line.

At the outset the association aims to serve SC / ST community in the sphere of socio economic development which enables to merge them in the main stream of our nation.

Jai Bheem !